Christmas Letter 2015

 Merry Christmas!

As we enter this season of gratitude to God for all His good gifts to us, we here at Family Focus Christian Counseling also want to thank our many friends and supporters.

To our clients, who bless us with the confidence they place in us and who send us their friends and family members:

  • We thank you for your trust.
  • Thank you for the effort you put into finding God’s way for you to receive His healing, His truth, and His grace into your lives.
  • Thank you for inspiring us in the work we do and for teaching us something new along the way.

To those who bless us by referring your clients, employees, family members, friends, church members and others to us for help with life issues, family problems, domestic violence issues, trauma, grief, relationship difficulties, parenting, anxiety, depression and more:

  • We thank you for your confidence in our God-given abilities and our dependence on God in all we do.
  • And we ask that you continue to refer others to us and let even more folks know about us and our work.

To those who bless us and donate to our work and our mission of offering quality service to both those who can afford our services and to those who cannot:

  • We thank you for your faithfulness in giving and in allowing us to continue God’s calling on our lives.
  • Please ask God how He might lead you in giving a year-end donation or an on-going donation to our scholarship fund or to our operating fund to provide continued quality services to our community. Even $25 per month will help us help families who need God’s healing touch through His people.

For our part, we pledge to continue to be good stewards of all that God blesses us with:

  • Our gifts, talents, training, His love for ourselves and others.
  • Our clients: individuals, couples and families.
  • Our good reputation, helping people get their lives back on track.
  • Financial blessings He grants us through wonderful folks like you. We never take you for granted.

We are praying that God’s goodness, grace, and peace are very apparent in your life during this Holy Season and throughout the New Year. May you deeply experience His Presence and His Love.

Your friends at

Family Focus Christian Counseling, Inc.