Heres What People Are Saying About FFC…

“A few months ago, I was depressed and life seemed hopeless.  My
situation had completely overwhelmed me and I was drowning in a pit that
I had no hope of getting out of on my own.  I was ready to give up!
Family Focus threw me a lifeline I needed to escape the pit I was in.
Thank you, Family Focus!”

“Over the past few years I have struggled with depression and PTSD
(Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome).  My journey with Family Focus has been
truly a gift from God. When I began, my faith in God was real, but I
lacked the ability to feel His peace because of my painful past and
heavy present circumstances. I needed help. My counselor helped me find
the path to peace in God again. It was not easy and much of the time I
could not see the next step, but eventually, with the help of my
counselor, I was able to begin healing emotionally. Thank you! The work
here is a blessing!”

“When my life spun out of control due to transitions and life changes,
I felt stressed and overwhelmed.  I came to Family Focus to seek
guidance, help and tools to cope with where I was at. I eventually was
able to handle the changes and move through them to a better place of
peace and acceptance.  I was impacted by the help that Family Focus
offers and am so thankful for the difference they made in my life during
this time of change.”

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