Family Focus Christian Counseling was a vision of Dan Desmond and a dedicated Board of Directors and  was brought to life in 1999. Since that time, Family Focus has opened its doors to people from all walks of life, all races and creeds who have been or are seeking help in their personal lives, marriages, families or seeking spiritual and personal growth. Counselors at Family Focus continue to have a sincere heart for people and for assisting them through difficult seasons, transitions or crisis that are a normal part of daily life. We prayerfully desire to be an extension of God’s love and care for the hurting people of San Diego County.


Family Focus Christian Counseling, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit counseling organization with the goal of meeting the needs of individuals, couples and families from businesses, churches and surrounding communities, not just the few who can afford the fee, but also as many as we can assist within the resources God provides.  At Family Focus we take a distinctly Christ-centered  approach to counseling  with those for whom this approach is valued.  Our counselors also integrate proven psychological proven treatment modalities with  sound biblical principles. We are able to fulfill our mission and vision only with the generous assistance of regular donors. To partner with us or to find out more, please click HERE.


Our mission is to glorify God as we serve and support (all individuals) who seek help, through counseling, intervention, training and education for individuals, couples and families. We believe that change begins in the heart through personal choice as each person seeks the Lord for His direction and healing in his or her life. 


Our counselors at Family Focus Christian Counseling meet every person, couple or family right where they are. They assist clients in successfully navigating their journeys towards wholeness, health and healing in relationships with self, others and God throughout their daily life circumstance.   We offer acceptance and grace to all as we assist them in achieving their goals for their current season of life.

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